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the world of information unfolded

the world of information unfolded

The central spot for making everyday choices and decisions on this and that, the breakdown of really what’s what in a central hub.

We all make an infinite amount of choices everyday. Do I really want a latte this morning or should I save the sugar content for the chocolate I will want this afternoon? What speakers are actually going to work best for my room with the sound system I have? Which charity gives the most to the actual cause i want to support and which ones wasste more of it on advertising and admin costs? Can I substitute this in that recipe because its on hand, and what ratio? Do I really need winter tires or will all season actually work for me?


All in the background of our minds, clogging up space, spinning and churning aroundRotating-questionmark

Some matter more than others; should I revisit my retirement plan does not have the same long term effect as lunch options. Yet they are all there, spinning and spinning, in the background.

Some choices are well researched, buying a new car or a house are not often random – and can be a lot of fun to look into, and choices made with pride. Feeling informed, well chosen informed decision, it is a rewarding feeling.

Others feel like insects, buzzing and annoying. Dozens.. if not hundreds, of constant little choices.


With absolutely nothing else to do everyday we would have the option of researching and balancing information and making such choices. Except there is that life thing that gets in the way, make that meeting, get dinner, cant miss the game…so unless we can get past that only 24 hours in a day no one has time to really check out enough to make a really informed decision on so many things we get used to “just winging it” ┬áThat can work out, or not.

Sometimes a minor, sometimes…oh wow, oops.

It may not matter in the big picture if you pay more for this brand than that in a lot of items, there are a lot of ways to live on a champagne taste with a beer budget if you know what has actual value. With the range of options available it is not always easy to know what items have the more premium price adding value and what items just simply do not need the splurge.

The amount of time and money that can be saved by making the right choice a few extra hundred times a day can be pretty handy – and in the long run is massive savings of both. Peace of mind – well, put your own value on that.

The information is there, in an overwhelming amount sometimes, but it is there – so how best to access it? Information overload can leave us just as stuck as not knowing anything.

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Ask a wizard. Get food for thought on any choice to make an intelligent decision on anything and everything you choose to. Get bullet point break downs of information available. Validated and balanced unbiased to make your own choice, informed, and confident, in a click.